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Project Highlight: Titan

Many are infatuated with the technology Elastos has to offer. The community is excited about the future of the Cyber Republic and its aspirations of becoming an autonomous, borderless society, run democratically by its citizens.
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HIGHLIGHT: DMA Progress Update (March 18)

One of the most active CR projects, DMA, has just come out with their most recent team update.  For those who don’t know anything about the project, DMA is built on the Elastos framework and focuses on the decentralized digital marketplace; it is a business commerce domain.

Vienna’s MySmartHome Adopts Elastos Carrier

When residents of the “most livable city in the world” began using blockchain, a market as big as the ocean was opened. When you hear of Vienna, what comes to mind?
Hyper Instant Chat Messenger

Project Highlight: Hyper Connect

We live in world of big data. Businesses are constantly trying to gather data, categorize data, and analyze data in order to make better decisions for their organizations. The IoT ...
Hyper Instant Chat Messenger

Ecosystem Interview: Peter from Hyper.IM

Hyper.IM is a decentralized messenger that maximizes privacy and security.What separates Hyper.IM from the other decentralized solutions out there like Anypeer and Ela.chat..
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Project Feature: “Doing”

Introducing “Doing”– a fitness dApp that rewards people for playing sports. The “Doing” dApp tracks your movements and distance travelled, aggregates the data, and analyzes it.
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Interoperability Between Different Chat Apps Using Elastos Carrier

Every Telegram user is automatically assigned a user ID by Telegram which never changes and the user sets up a display name and a username themself (the one with @ in the beginning). This setup has 2 problems:
kodi tv box

Kodi TV Box & Elastos Carrier Nodes

The Elastos network has yet another method of increasing its carrier node count: Kodi. Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application. Its customizable features allowed Cyber Republican Jimmy Lipham...
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HIGHLIGHT: DMA Progress Update

The main concept for Elastos and the Cyber Republic is to “own your own data”. DMA (Decentralized Marketing) is an Elastos service that provides a platform for marketing and commerce.

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