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Elastos Orchard

Elastos Orchard Update

In early March, Elastos Orchard, the aspiring European business hub of Elastos and CR, posted their suggestion on cyberrepublic.org. It garnered a lot of...
Noderators Logo

Noderators Supernodes Highlight

We are the Elastos Telegram moderators team and have formed a Supernode group for the Elastos Ecosystem. We have created a dedicated website to...

ADB Business Opportunities Fair

“The ADB Business Opportunities Fair (BOF) is a one-stop forum for consultants, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and civil society organizations looking..."

Hyper Update (April 28th)

One of the storybook projects of the Cyber Republic has been Hyper. It’s a team that has two projects with heavy utility for the ecosystem...

Ecosystem Interview: ELANodes.com

I grew up in New Hampshire and currently reside in Colorado, USA. I’ve spent most of my life in academia with a few intermissions to work at national research laboratories. Currently I’m a PhD candidate wrapping up a degree in nuclear engineering...
The Wild Strawberries Supernode

Wild Strawberry Supernodes Highlight

We consist of three Supernodes, governed by twelve individuals. We are geographically decentralized just as we strive to decentralize the Supernodes we govern.
Sword Method

Sword Method–Enter Elastos’ Reward Mechanism

It’s been a while since the Sword Method made its first appearance. The topic of how DPoS rewards get distributed amongst Delegates and Voters is important, and we want to add additional information to the previous article featured here
International Community

Chinese Community Update – April 22nd

A columnist, Han Ming, has published an article on digital data and personal information being assets in the People’s Daily, the biggest newspaper in China.

The Sword Method: ‘Enter Elastos’ Creates a Unique Reward-Distribution Model

Enter Elastos is happy to announce our approach to offering the Elastos and Cyber Republic community a fair and sustainable reward-sharing model called, “ The Sword Method”.
IM on Elastos

IM on Elastos

Since AOL launched AIM – the original mass market IM (Instant Messaging) application – in 1997, instant messaging has exploded into the 21st century as the premier form of digital communication.

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