CR Press Interview: Joel

Hi, I am Joel from Hong Kong. I studied biology in my undergraduate studies and am now working in a local NGO. I have diverse interests...
Yipeng Su

Ecosystem Interview: Yipeng Su

I was quite surprised when I learned how the screenshot was discussed in the community the next day. I thought it was just a private chat between friends....

Ecosystem Interview:

I grew up in New Hampshire and currently reside in Colorado, USA. I’ve spent most of my life in academia with a few intermissions to work at national research laboratories. Currently I’m a PhD candidate wrapping up a degree in nuclear engineering...
Kenneth K

CR Press Interview: Kenneth K (CR Press Lead)

I have a pretty diverse background.  Most relevant to the CR, I’m a professional writer and photographer/videographer.  I have several other professions such as being a doctor, and I am a touring movement instructor in dance, with a history of acrobatics, parkour, and martial arts...

Ecosystem Interview:  WeFilmChain’s Paula Li and Garnet Campbell

Competition in this space is huge but we welcome it; competition fuels innovation. In this phase, our heads are down and we are hard at work, but we are keeping an eye on other leaders in the decentralized streaming space.
Elastos Community Governance

Elastos Talk | Elastos Community Governance and Ecosystem Development

Feng Zhang is a member of the Elastos CR Preparatory Committee, founder of Digital Era Blockchain Service Alliance, co-founder of Byte University, and...
Tokyo City

Community Interview:  Yuuki

I’m originally from Tokyo, Japan. I came to Australia with my family at a young age and have been living in Brisbane ever since.  I did most of my studies in Brisbane. I’m currently working for the Residential Tenancies Authority which is a state government body.

Elastos Talk | Meetup with CR Interim Council Member Kevin Zhang

I am honored to be a member of the CR preparatory Committee. Since last August, we have been preparing for the CR election which is going to happen in August this year, including the establishment of the entire CR charter and the current daily work.
Elastos Orchard

Community Interview: Chris Mac

Hi, I’m Chris and I am an Elastophile.  I’ve worked in defence, security, operations and communications for over 20 years.  I studied Psychology at University and now have a MBA and a Masters in International Relations & Strategy.
Harry Liu Cyber Republic

Community Interview:  Harry Liu

I knew Kevin back in 2015 when I worked in an online education startup.  Kevin was one of our teachers. Then, in 2016, we worked in the same company: iHealth.

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