Every Voter can vote on 36 Supernodes

Supernode Acquisition

Delegates must reserve 5000 ELA per Supernode

Voting Mechanics

Delegates cannot use reserved ELA to vote

Supernode Candidates & Specifications



Node Name # of Nodes Location Setup Rewards
Alliance Block 1 France, Netherlands, UK AWS Cloud N/A
AloTV (视九TVbox) 1 China N/A N/A
AnyPeer 1 Hong Kong N/A N/A
Bitcoin --> Ethereum --> Elastos 1 China N/A N/A
Bitett (比特头条) 1 China N/A N/A
Bit.Game 1 China N/A N/A
Blockchain Fun (区块链趣事) 1 China N/A N/A
Blockchain007 1 China N/A N/A
Blockchain World (链世界) 1 China N/A N/A
BOHUI 1 China N/A N/A 1 China N/A N/A
Chu Xun (储讯) 1 China N/A N/A
Crypto World (币天下) 1 China N/A N/A
CryptoCalNews 1 Switzerland N/A N/A
Curvature Zone (曲率区动) 1 China N/A N/A
DHG Supernode (大黄哥) 1 China N/A N/A
Elastos DMA 1 Canada Cloud N/A
ELAlliance (大水瓢) 1 China N/A N/A
Ela (This is the registered name) 1 China N/A N/A
Elastos Forest Node (EFN) 1 Netherlands AWS Cloud N/A 1 China N/A N/A
elaHorse @ 亦乐马 1 Malaysia N/A N/A
ELA.SYDNEY 1 Cocos (Keeling) Islands N/A N/A
ELA vs The Illuminati 1 Canada N/A N/A
ELABay 1 Canada N/A N/A
ELAFISH 1 Canada N/A N/A
ELARUN 1 China N/A N/A
ELA News (ELA 新闻) 1 South Africa Cloud N/A
Elastos Carrier 1 Hong Kong N/A N/A
Elastos HIVE 1 Hong Kong N/A N/A
ELA-Mao 1 China N/A N/A
elafans 1 Singapore N/A N/A
ELAfuns 1 China N/A N/A
Elephant Wallet 1 Hong Kong N/A N/A
ELA Chat 1 China N/A N/A
ELAONSEN (亦来温泉) 1 Hong Kong N/A N/A
Elaphant Supernode 2 N/A N/A N/A
Elastos Scandinavia 3 Finland, Norway, Sweden Custom N/A 5 North America Custom N/A
Elate.CH 1 Switzerland AWS Cloud N/A
Enter Elastos - Ganymede 1 Canada Cloud Sword
Enter Elastos - Titan 1 United Kingdom Cloud Sword
Enter Elastos - Callisto 1 United States Cloud Sword
F2Pool 1 China N/A N/A
Greengang 1 China N/A N/A
HashWorld 1 China N/A N/A
Hebei Community 1 China N/A N/A
Hyper Supernode 1 Austria AWS Cloud Community Average
IOEX (ioex Network) 1 Taiwan N/A N/A
Ken.Tan 1 China N/A N/A
KANG 1 China N/A N/A
Llamamama 1 United States N/A N/A
Long ELA, Short the World (追风筝的人) 1 China N/A N/A
Loving Cloud (我爱云) 1 China N/A N/A
ManhattanProject-Fund 1 United States N/A N/A
Night's Watch (守夜人) 1 China N/A N/A
Noderators - Champagne 1 Switzerland Cloud N/A
Noderators - Watermelon 1 United States Cloud N/A
Northern Lights 1 Belarus, Russia, Ukraine Cloud N/A
ORB 1 United Kingdom N/A N/A
On the Cloud (云上) 1 China N/A N/A
Orion Supernode 1 France OVH Cloud N/A
Rice Force Alliance (米(粒)力联盟) 1 China N/A N/A
Ruolon Supernode (若兰) 1 China Cloud, hot standby server N/A
Silence 1 China N/A N/A
Starfish Node 1 USA, UK Cloud, 3 t2.large, Linux N/A
Sunny Feng Han’s Supernode (韩锋) 1 United States N/A N/A
The Houston Supernode 1 United States AWS Cloud Sword
The Land of Abundance 1 China N/A N/A
Tiger Brother (虎哥) 1 China N/A N/A
To the Moon 1 China N/A N/A
ThaiEla 1 Thailand N/A N/A
The Wild Strawberries Node 3 USA, Canada, France, Netherlands, UK, Australia, Singapore Cloud N/A
TYROLEE (小黑狼) 1 China Huawei Cloud N/A
ViewChain 1 China N/A N/A
Vitruvian Node 1 Italy Custom N/A
We Will Win (韭菜必赢) 1 China N/A N/A
Wen Yi (文亦) 1 China N/A N/A
Witzer (无智) 1 China N/A N/A
Wefilmchain 2 Canada, USA AWS or GCP Cloud N/A
ZDJ 1 China N/A N/A
亦来云爱用商城 1 China N/A N/A
群山 1 China N/A N/A
区块链研习社 1 China N/A N/A
亦来力 - ELAPower 1 China N/A N/A

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Additional Information

AllianceBlock is a decentralized, smart, and sustainable platform for the new age of Investment Banking. In order to learn more about their company and updates on their Supernode status, read our interview with them at the end of this weekly, and visit:

Twitter (@allianceblock)

Telegram (@allianceblock)

Website (

Reddit (

Medium (

Their ICOPC community channel has more than 500 private members with high profiles, most of which are CR and Elastos supporters. Alliance Block will be hosting their Supernode via AWS Cloud. The team is composed of four people, three of which have experience working at companies such as Barclays, JP Morgan, and PostNP.

Here is a statement by the team regarding their mission statement of hosting a Supernode in the Cyber Republic ecosystem: 

“AllianceBlock is an ecosystem of investment.  We want to build the foundation of investment banking 2.0 through decentralization. We can bring more awareness about Elastos and the CR, onboard partners to our ecosystem, bring new investors, decentralized social networks, even create an E-learning platform with podcasts and streaming video that the CR could participate in to educate others about Elastos, too.”

Bitett is a Chinese media outlet for blockchain. Check out their website here: ( Here is a written statement by the team, “As one of the earliest partners of Elastos, Bitett believes in the vision of Elastos and the community governance model it introduces. In this DPoS node election, we hope to be elected as one of the 36 active nodes, to contribute ourselves in maintaining the fairness of network security and consensus mechanisms, as well as steady growth of Elastos in the long-run. Currently there are 4 major members in Bitett node, including operation and development. In the later stage of the DPoS node election, we will recruit community operating members when needed. We have considered rewarding the members who have voted for us and more details will be released in the coming future. The vision of Elastos has gradually been recognized